I am passionate about community engagement and am committed to sharing conservation knowledge with the public! I am currently serving as one of the W.K. Kellogg Biological Station Science Education and Outreach Fellows and am earning a certification in community engagement through MSU. Check below for a list of my current and past outreach activities! 

KBS Science Education and Outreach Fellowship

During the 2018-2019 academic year, I have been working as one of the KBS Science Education and Outreach Fellows. We lead ecology-focused outreach events including fieldtrips, classroom visits, citizen science events, career fairs, invited talks, and many other activities. Please contact me if you are interested in learning more or partnering with us for an event!

KBS Outreach: http://www.kbs.msu.edu/outreach/

KBS K-12 programs: http://www.kbs.msu.edu/education/k-12/

Outreach events to date:

Community Events
2019 – Night at the Museum (Impression 5 Science Center) – Habitats and Natural History
2019 – Night at the Museum (MSU Museum) – Habitats and Natural History
2019 – Night at the Museum (Air Zoo Aerospace & Science Museum) – Habitats and Natural History
2019 – KBS Dessert with Discussion – Tabled the event; discussed bee conservation and research
2019 – Darwin Day (MSU Museum) – Historical Collections
2018 – Girls STEM Day (Women in Engineering) – Invasion Meltdown!
2018 – Pollinator Workshop at the KBS Bird Sanctuary (Organizer and Presenter)

Talks to the public
2019 – 4H Club Invited Presenter: “Bee conservation across fragmented landscapes”
2019 – Presenter at Michigan Science Teachers Association Conference: “Deliberating Climate Choices” and “An Introduction to Community Engagement: Guidelines for Excellence”
2018 – KBS Bird Sanctuary Native Gardens tours (developed and led tours)
2018 – Presenter at the Kalamazoo Master Gardeners Meeting: “Supporting native pollinators through smarter gardening at the Kellogg Biological Station”

Career Fairs
Check out our career quiz based on real science jobs at KBS!
2019 – Battle Creek Central High School Career Fair

K-12 Partnership Workshops
Spring 2019 – Organizer & Speaker – “Designing classroom experiments with insects”
Fall 2018 – Organizer & Speaker – “Plants and Pollinators: A Bee-utiful relationship!”
Summer 2018 – Speaker – “Pollinators in Native Gardens”

K-12 Programming & Field Trips
2019 – Godwin Middle School Day at the Park BioBlitz
2019 – Guest speaker for 3rd and 4th grade classes at Comstock STEM Academy
2019 – Macroinvertebrates and water quality – Kalamazoo Math & Science Center AP Environmental Science
2019 – STEAM day at Gull Lake Middle School: “The Pollinator Game”
2019 – Water Movement in the Long-term Ecological Research Site & Dairy Management – Gull Lake HS Environmental Science
2019 – Pollinator lesson at Heronwood (Kalamazoo Nature Center) – HS
2018 – Stream Leaf Packs & Macroinvertebrate Diversity – Parchment HS Environmental Science
2018 – Be a Botanist: creating a classroom herbarium – Parchment HS Botany
2018 – Ecosystem Services – Kalamazoo Math & Science Center AP Environmental Science
2018 – Aquatic Ecology & Macroinvertebrates – Gull Lake Gateway HS
2018 – Owl Pellets – St. Rose-Hastings ES (3rd-6th grade)
2018 – Bird Adaptations – Galesburg/Augusta ES (5th grade)
2018 – Water Movement in the Long-term Ecological Research Site & Dairy Management – Gull Lake HS Environmental Science

Writing for Conservation Corridor

ConservationCorridor.org is a science outreach website whose goal is to raise awareness about current research and conservation efforts related to habitat corridors and landscape connectivity. I served as a Guest Editor in Fall 2017, and continue to contribute to the website regularly. See my posts below.

twitter: @conservationcorridor

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